Monday, April 21, 2008

Midterm, Better late than never

Midterm. Came and gone but we are forever. Not really. The single best aspect of this class is when that one guy deleted his art without ever seeing it. It was really cool. I wasn't the most excited about it. That class was the most I have ever seen someone so excited. Brandon went crazy about it. Just seeing someone so excited about something like that made that class one of the most memorable or our classes so far.

What I want to take away from this class. Hmmm. I want to be able to take an idea and think about it in a different away. I really liked the fork assignment. I'm sure most of the projects didn't live up to Beth's expectations but it was our first class and we were just starting out. But that project started me thinking and wondering what I could do with this fork? It was a good start that got my hopes up about the rest of the class. We started sitting around talking why this class isn't working the way it should instead of just going on, doing more assignments that would change our way of thinking. Too much sitting around talking about what to do than actually doing.

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