Monday, February 18, 2008

Today is 3 days worth of Blogs

I went out of town for work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I work 6 to 6. By the time I eat and take a shower I have about an hour or two before it's bedtime to go to work again the next day. My parents house only has dial up. I had a Flash game due today so the little time I had went to my game. I don't have the patience to deal with dial up anymore. The time it takes just to connect and load every website and hope I don't get disconnected is too much for emotions after working 12 hours. But soon I hope to have a post up about how sheltering children will sometimes have the opposite effect and a worse impact.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is the day Todays before 3 Days from Yesterday

Finally got my taxes done today. After a week of waiting and having to come back the next day, they're finally done. It was very stressful going in one day waiting for half an hour then coming back the next day. It was very stressful and bothersome.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today is Yesterday if Today was Tomorrow

Today was a pretty normal day. Though heading back to my car after class I had to take the well beaten path of the hill. The fence was the biggest waste of tuition money. I took a way that looked strong with pine needles as a strong bedding. Apparently I was wrong. The right foot slid and the left foot moved to correct balance but also slid. I ended up down. I felt embarrassed for a few minutes then laughed it off. Then was in total amazement that I didn't get dirty at all besides some mud on my shoes. A couple of my sketchbooks through themselves in my path to save me. So somehow today I was down and came away without any marks. It was a good day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is Tomorrow if Today was Yesterday

Today I feel like just staying at home and working on projects, but mostly just loafing around. The weather is fine if you have nothing to do. But some of us have classes or guest speakers to see so now the weather is just horrible. Though sliding in a car is fun, it's only as fun until you hit something. That is not so fun. On another note of what I am feeling. I am feeling like I have to poop.

Monday, February 11, 2008

This is what moved me. I tried to find a better photo but this one works. I was a big Spin City fan when it was on television. Michael J. Fox has been one of my favorite actors for a long time. I watched this show as much as I could while it was on the air. After about six seasons Micheal J. Fox could no longer continue the show because he has Parkinson's disease and it was becoming too hard to act and keep control of himself. The final two episodes were very well done. You could feel the emotions from the actors, not just from their characters but the actors themselves, who have worked with him so long, gave such great emotions that they'll miss him you couldn't not feel it. Watching someone in a show for so many years helps become close to the character. You learn everything about that character and you become close to that character.
Movies like Old Yeller have that kind of impact. These movies and shows have masters the writing, music, and characters they can use to control the viewers emotions to make them feel a certain way. They can cause strong emotions in even the toughest male.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Unique Experience

Class on Monday was different. Going outside to find a unique experience was a fun exercise. I didn't have much of an unique experience. I talked to people and hung around people that I probably never would have because I'll only see them in class. Once the class is over I most likely won't see or talk to them again. Maybe in the halls or a random class but it helps show how and who other people are and what we can miss out on with not being friends with them.
To have a huge unique experience you need to go further than a block. I'm not saying experiences can't happen but big experiences happen outside our little blocks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Movies in Class

The movies we watched in class were interesting. The very first one was RobotChicken. I really liked that cartoon. Watching what The Real World would be like with superheros was a great idea. I thought it was great how they showed how each personality would act if they were all put in a house together. It had all the craziness and stupidity of The Real World and showed how stupid people do act and made it funny by using unlikely people.
I didn't like the PBS art shows that we watched. The art that some of the people did was cool and how they did it was cool also, but some of the things just didn't seem like an art or business that someone could make a life with. The man that caught air in balloon and it made "music". I didn't see any art in that. It was kinda cool for a few minutes then it was like, man get a life.
I really liked the Cathedral. It had sadness but also had some happiness. The art was beautiful and the landscape. The story was simple but also had a good impact. The man that seemed scared and lost and becomes part of this ever growing Cathedral. It is a great piece.

What if...there were superheros?

The What if... question that I found that I liked was What if... there were superheroe? So what if there were superheros? My research for this comes from shows and movies like the X-Men and Heroes. We will go with the theory that superpowers will come from evolution other than from chemical spills and meteorites but we won't criticize those theories.

Week 0
Humans in their late teens and early twenties begin to notice they have special abilities.

Week 2
The abilities of humans, who realize that they are normal besides their abilities. Certain organizations and governments begin to take notice.

Week 4
Governments try to cover up and deny the rumor of humans with super abilities. Some governments begin studying these humans with abilities. Most foreign governments begin doing horrible experiments to understand this power. All government goals are to learn how these powers work and if they can be developed in anyone and how the can be used for defense and in the worst case, offense.

Week 8
Reports of people in distress, all over the world, being helped by "superheroes". Also reports of banks being robbed by people with "abilities".

Week 9
With a week filled with reports of wonders and news reports the governments finally recognize that there are people with super "abilities". With the abilities that are being reported from flying to invisibility and super strength the public is in panic.

Week 10
The public is afraid of these people with abilities. People with abilities either hide their abilities because they think they are freaks or because they know it will protect them. Places start popping up all over the world where people with abilities can go and not feel persecuted.

Week 11
Supposedly from the popular X-Men movies powerful people start demanding that people with special abilities must register themselves and their abilities so the government can keep track of these people to help with civilian protection.

Week 15
After a month a committees and protesters, the promoted leaders of the "abilities" and the government comes to agreement that people with abilities will report their powers as long as their liberties and rights are not threatened by having such abilities. Later it will be made illegal to ask if you have special abilities when applying for a job.

From here there are two different time lines that could happen. The peaceful and the extreme.

Time Line 1

The people with "abilities" accept what is happening. Most lead their normal lives only using their "abilities" when they need to. Others will join forces with the military and law enforcement to help serve and protect. Some will see how their powers can be to help people others will of course use their own for personal gain. With luck people all over the world having powers this should help keep the balance of powers. There will be more problems with sabotage but security will be made stronger and people with ability will provide more protection. All in all the world will hopefully be a better place.

Time Line 2

Some people will accept the special people but most will persecute them. They will become freaks. Most people with powers realize with being more powerful they don't have to put up with other people. Soon the people with "abilities" strike back at their persecutors. Soon there will be martial law world wide. With all this inner turmoil country will strike against country. The world will destroy itself and the gift that had been given will have been for nothing.

This is a sad view but sometimes having a better opinion of society is hard. We would like to think that people would act and behave better. But sometimes thinking that is just naive.