Monday, April 28, 2008

He's a surviver

This story is coming soon. You the man Jerry!

Douglas Gordon

The person I picked was Douglas Gordon. We are psycho.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What the Bleep do we know?

We don't know any Bleeping thing. I really like this movie. It is a lot some books I have read that tell about the universe being controlled by our thoughts. It we have negative thoughts then that will attract negativity to us. If you think positive then life will go good for you. I like this thinking because in a basic way everyone believes this. Many people tell you to think positive and have a positive outlook on life. This is exactly what the movie is talking about. So if people say they don't believe in this then they are most likely full of crap. Everyone has this kind of thinking it's just how deep they believe it and how far that believing goes.

But I love the idea that our thoughts and emotions can have such a more substantial impact on our lives is great. I love that idea. Though the idea also worries me considering how screwed up most of the world is. I remember a movie I watched where the Devil or Antichrist tried to get the entire world to communicate in one thought and with all this conscienceness focused on one idea could make that idea come true. So theoretically all these thoughts believing that God didn't exist could erase God from existence.

Also a book I read when the people stopped believing in their gods, those gods slowly disappeared and cease to exist without faith or belief holding them in exist.

This idea is amazing thought.

Midterm, Better late than never

Midterm. Came and gone but we are forever. Not really. The single best aspect of this class is when that one guy deleted his art without ever seeing it. It was really cool. I wasn't the most excited about it. That class was the most I have ever seen someone so excited. Brandon went crazy about it. Just seeing someone so excited about something like that made that class one of the most memorable or our classes so far.

What I want to take away from this class. Hmmm. I want to be able to take an idea and think about it in a different away. I really liked the fork assignment. I'm sure most of the projects didn't live up to Beth's expectations but it was our first class and we were just starting out. But that project started me thinking and wondering what I could do with this fork? It was a good start that got my hopes up about the rest of the class. We started sitting around talking why this class isn't working the way it should instead of just going on, doing more assignments that would change our way of thinking. Too much sitting around talking about what to do than actually doing.

Onions, Brings a tear to your eye

For the onion assignment I write about our in class project with newspapers. Our word that we were given was death. With our paper we took the obituaries and created a flying crane. So by taking death(which is the obituaries) and created a flying crane which is life. We took something that was one thing and turned it into another. It is still the same but has even more meaning to it.

What's the sense? Who knows

Everyone likes to make a late fashionably late entrance. And so I start my late entrances to my blog. For my senses I did smell. I work in a factory. It's filled with sounds and sights. You have music playing plus the sounds of equipment and people and a loud conveyor. I was waiting for someone so I was stopped and waiting for them and I closed my eyes. I blocked the sights by my eyes being closed obviously and I went deep in my mind to block the sounds. I caught the strangest scent that I wouldn't expect in a factory. Pizza Hut. It smelled exactly like Pizza Hut. I was like wtf? Maybe because I like Pizza Hut that is what I related it towards. To me it was crazy. What the hell in a factory smells like that? I still have no idea. Made me very hungry. I tried this in other parts of the building and picked up some other familiar smells that I couldn't place but knew should not have been in a factory. It's not a huge exciting project but it was very curious how smells combined and made more familiar smells. It reminds me a lot of a guy in this schools project called The Pipe or Smellavision or something like that. And it's very interesting how smells can bring back memories and things that we have long forgotten.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Connect, Disconnect, Ctrl+Alt+Dlt

Connections. What are connections? Physical? Phone cord and phone jack? Penis and vagina? I have always found it interesting that most parts that connect to each other are known as the male and female. It's quite obvious why. I"m not sure when they were started being called these names for plugs and connectors or Tab A into Slot B. I just thank it's funny that a society that thinks things are too provocative, especially decades ago, are calling these parts male and female which clearly are references to the human body.

What about connections to each other? I grew up in North Vernon, Indiana. Right in the middle of Columbus, Seymour and Madison. It is the white speck on chicken crap. I was in the marching band, screw you I was only in it to be in jazz band. We went to Disney World and I rode a roller coaster that ended in an arcade. I'm in the arcade playing a racing game and a guy that I was in school with that wasn't in band walked up and starting talking to me. WTF? I'm across the country and I run into I know? It is a small world. So guys even if it is a different zip code don't cheat on your girl. Even if you're in Oregon through the connection of friends and relatives it can get back to your girl in even smalltown, Indiana.

With the popularity of MySpace and Facebook and what other mediums you kids use now a days connections are made even more. Though the strengths? feelings? between those connections are not as strong as before. Friends that you meet in person and hang out with the connection with them are stronger than someone you are friends with online. You can pour your heart and all your secrets to someone online but how can you be truly connected to them than someone you actually meet and hang out with. It's easy to tell your secrets out to someone that you don't see face to face because if they can't meet you how can they truly judge you?

The Grade of Eric Ralls

I give Eric Ralls a B. I liked what he did with his project. Spitting on his piece of paper did make it a part of him. But does he mean to say he is just spit on a piece of paper? Burning the paper would probably be a good representation of his lungs. But hell his lungs could be in great condition, if he wants to smoke let him smoke. With the limitations of the assignment it is hard to express yourself but I feel that he just tried to get it done as quick as possible. He did spit on it and made it a part of himself so hell give him a B and a half.